About Us

About Us:

Our Story: As dedicated commercial fishermen constantly on the move, we intimately understood the challenges posed by traditional fishing rods that hogged space on our boats and in our cars. Frustrated by collapsible options lacking in performance and durability, Northern Atlantic Fishing was born. Tired of lugging around lengthy fishing gear, we set out to create collapsible rods that matched the performance of top-tier counterparts. Frustrated by flimsy alternatives, we harnessed the power of high-quality carbon fiber to engineer rods that embody strength, durability, sensitivity, and portability. This is the story of how we transformed our own need into a revolution for fellow fishermen, offering the performance they deserve without compromise.

Our Purpose: We sell premium collapsible fishing rods made from the best materials to provide fisherman with a compact travel rod they can rely on.

At Northern Atlantic Fishing, we promise to uphold the highest standards of craftsmanship, authenticity, and innovation.