Partner with Us

Thank you for considering a partnership with Northern Atlantic Fishing! Our innovative collapsible fishing rods redefine fishing experiences with their high-quality carbon fiber construction. Crafted for durability, strength, and sensitivity, our rods boast a cork handle for optimal grip, stainless steel guides with heavy-duty aluminum oxide rings to prevent chips, and come complete with a rod cap and protective rod bag.


Initiating the Partnership Process is as Easy as Casting a Line

Getting started with our retail partnership is effortless. To join forces with us, simply send an email expressing your interest to Upon receiving your email, we'll promptly respond with an order form and pricing details. It's that simple! Once you become a retail partner, we'll provide you with marketing materials and support to help you effectively showcase our products in your store.

Why Partner with Northern Atlantic Fishing?

  • Revolutionary Rods: Our collapsible rods, meticulously crafted from high-quality carbon fiber, redefine fishing with unmatched durability, strength, and sensitivity.
  • Unrivaled Grip: Experience the ultimate grip with our cork handle design, ensuring comfort and control during every cast and retrieve.
  • Innovative Guides: Stainless steel guides with heavy-duty aluminum oxide rings offer a superior fishing experience by preventing chips and enhancing line performance.
  • Complete Package: Each rod comes with a protective rod cap and a convenient rod bag, ensuring your customers have everything they need for successful angling.

Ready to embark on this journey with us? Simply reach out to, and let's redefine fishing excellence together.

Best Regards,

 Northern Atlantic Fishing Team